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108-2via Daily Prompt: Ten

  1. No matter how long you are together, never take each other for granted
  2. Identify and understand each other’s preferred “love language” – I strongly recommend that you read a book called “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman
  3. Begin and end each day with a meaningful kiss and/or hug
  4. Give praise and compliments often – acknowledge efforts/changes
  5. Never go to bed feeling angry with each other, even if issues are unresolved, agree to address it the following day
  6. Surprise each other, don’t let the romance die
  7. Have couple goals, e.g. Date nights, cooking together, studying together, exercising together etc.
  8. Don’t accuse or assume, listen attentively, not selectively
  9. Do not underestimate the need for intimacy- keep the flame alight
  10. Trust and respect each other no matter what – you may be married but you are still two individuals, this in itself means that it’s also important to have “me” time when needed