REVIEW: The Local Grill



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The Local Grill 2 - Peanut Gallery 247.jpg“…we remain passionate about the beef experience we offer each and every diner who visits The Local Grill…”

The above is not just a phrase you will see on the Homepage of The Local Grill. It is something that can’t go unnoticed, even for a first-time patron.

My husband and I ventured into Parktown North this weekend, for our 7pm dinner reservation at The Local Grill.

I do like to do a bit of research before I visit a restaurant for the first time and I happened to do the same before we went to The Local Grill. Having received The Wolftrap Best Steakhouse Championship award 3 times, I most definitely see why! Continue reading

Positive Impression


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via Daily Prompt: Impression

Positive Impression - PeanutGallery 247

When someone wants to see you fail,
Do your best to succeed.

When someone keeps saying “you can’t do it”,
Prove to yourself that you CAN!

When someone speaks ill of you,
Let your behaviour speak for itself.

When someone loses faith in you,
Don’t lose faith in yourself.

When someone keeps “picking” on you,
Do what you have to do so they have no reason to “pick” on you.

When someone counts all the wrongs you do,
You count all the things you do right!

When someone is negative,
YOU be positive!

An attitude as such,
creates a positive, lasting Impression .

Is there Someone?


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Is there someone you can call when you are feeling down?

Is there someone to listen to you when you want to talk?

Is there someone to wipe away your tears when it keeps rolling down?

Is there someone that you can hug when you need it the most?

Is there someone in this world that loves you more than anything else?

Is there someone who would do just anything for you?

Is there someone that lives each day trying to find ways to make you smile?

Is there someone to just laugh with you when you need laughter in your life?

Is there someone that does something to make you feel special?

Is there someone who will hold your hand and walk with you through the toughest path?

Is there someone that you are thinking of now and smiling as you read all this thinking of him or her?

If that is so, treasure that someone, cos not many are as lucky as you.

Whether it’s your sibling, a parent, a relative, a neighbour, a friend or your life partner,

You’ve found a gem in that special someone, so treasure that by reciprocating.

Love will lead the way


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via Daily Prompt: Qualm

Qualms - PeanutGallery247

There was a certain type of melancholy in her voice,

Just like an acquainted memory,

Brought back to life.


She didn’t want to go down that road again,

The boulevard of pain.

She was standing at crossroads,

Not knowing which way to turn.

Left or right,

Both didn’t seem alright.

Continue reading

Thank you Mum via Daily Prompt: Final


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IMG_3781.PNGvia Daily Prompt: Final

You’re beautiful in my eyes,
regardless of your shape or size.
When I see you smile,
I smile too.
Whenever you hurt,
I hurt too.
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you mum,
Cos you live your life doing your best for me.
No one can take your place.
Forever in my heart you will live,
Even when it’s time for us to part,
Memories will never depart.
Etched in my heart,
You’ll be my favourite song.
Mummy to me, you are the greatest of them all.
I am who I am, cos you nurtured me.
Mummy, today I’m a mummy too.
The joy I brought to you,
He brings to me.
Mummy now I’m understanding mummy things I didn’t quite get before.
Being a mummy is my greatest blessing,
I underestimated motherhood until I myself Finally became a mum.
Thank you mum, for all you did for me,
It’s clear to me now,
That you wanted the best for me.
I love you mum, yes I do.